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At Archer Acquisitions, our commitment to excellence is evident through our meticulous data-driven approach to markets and partnerships. We excel in the acquisition, management, and strategic enhancement of undervalued assets, specifically focusing on multifamily and RV parks. Our goal is to not only create passive income but also foster long-term growth for investors.

Abundant Opportunities

We offer diverse investments for accredited and non-accredited investors, providing a platform to generate passive income, scale investments, and diversify portfolios through real estate. With robust fundamentals, a vertically integrated management structure, and our seasoned, locally-based teams, we stand poised to not just meet but exceed expectations in executing our business plans. 

Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and performance in the real estate investment landscape.

RV Parks Are Hospitality

RV parks offer recession-resistant investment due to their demonstrated resilience during economic downturns, supported by the cost-effective and flexible RV lifestyle. Diverse revenue streams enhance cash flow stability, including site rentals and amenities. Growing demand is fueled by the rising popularity of RV travel, driven by outdoor experiences and cost-effective living. Like mobile home communities, RV parks provide value-add opportunities through amenities and infrastructure improvements, attracting more residents and yielding higher investor returns. Scenic locations contribute to sustained demand and potential property value appreciation. Investing in RV parks allows for positive community impact through upgrades, fostering resident satisfaction and loyalty. The adaptability to evolving trends in the dynamic RV industry ensures continued relevance and attractiveness to a diverse range of potential residents.

Multifamily Lasts Forever

Apartments present a consistent income stream and numerous value opportunities for forced appreciation, making them a desirable investment property. The predictability and strong demand for apartments establishes them as a reliable asset class with attractive returns for investors. In this category, we typically focus on Class B/C apartments located in or in a submarket of a desirable areas, implementing a clear value-add plan. This approach ensures stable cash flow upon acquisition while having the ability to increase property value over time.

Leadership that Drives Results

A Boston-based team that operates all throughout the Northeast US. 
  • Benjamin Simon

  • Carl Venezia

  • Alexander Stanton

    Director of Capital Improvements
  • John Mansor

    Director of Finance & Acquisitions
  • Inna Artemyeva

    VP Admin & Operations
  • Greg Koutroukas

    Parks General Manager
  • Peter Russel

    Multifamily Manager

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